Hean Vitamin Cocktail Lipsticks

Cocktail of vitamins for soft, velvet-smooth lips and a long-lasting colour!

The rich nutritious formula with vitamins A, E, C and F and Shea butter provides the lips with intensive care and nourishment.
Long lasting pigments that protect the lips without drying them out. 

Gives them a subtle sheen. Contains UV protection.


Hiiii everyone Emma here!

I LOVE the Hean Vitamin Cocktail lipsticks- they are so soft and moisturising! And can we talk about pigmentation?? And long-lasting?? UNREAL!

The texture is really creamy and it is super easy to build up the colour to be as deep as I want it to be or as sheer was I want it to be. 

I can eat/drink and do whatever I normally do without worrying about the colour fading or smudging off or becoming patchy. I really really really adore this lipsticks and try to expand my collection as often as possible!

Seriously, you won't be disappointed by these. Pinky promise!

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