Sun Glow Bronzer


This beautiful bronzer will give your skin a natural, sun-kissed hue.

It contains small particles of pearl which provide a subtle glow and freshness.

It gives the skin a shade of a natural, healthy tan . 

The pearly particles delicately illuminate the complexion and give it a fresh color.


SUN Glow is a universal cosmetic that you can use in several ways:

 as an iridescent bronzer for the face and body,

 individual colors separately eg as a highlighter, bronzer and brightening powder,

 as an eye shadow - put lighter shades on the movable part of the eyelid, and darker on the refraction.

There are two shades no 9 which is the darker of the two can be used for medium to dark skin tones. And the lighter one no 11 can be used for light to medium skin tones.

Customer Reviews

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Every day easy bronze

I love mixing the 2 bronze shades and lightly dusting this product on my cheeks and forehead for a natural looking every day look. It's so easy to work with and would also be great for beginners. I don't see the "sparkles" on my face, but it does create a lovely satin sheen on the skin without emphasising texture. The powder is very soft so just a gentle tap of the brush in the powder does the trick.

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