Oil Essence Creamy Body Lotion Lotus Flower - 250 ml

A skin care range for the body! 

With selective oils from all over the world such as: marula, tsukabi, Inca Inchi, babassu, Avocado Oil and the ever popular Argon Oil.

These oils are unique. They relieve itchiness, dryness and generally sooth your skin leaving it smooth and soft but not greasy.

Marula Oil from South Africa. This oil smooths the skin and reduces irritation. Marula oil seeds are often called 'The Golden Pharmacy' and are known to preserve youthful skin.


Argan Oil is often called the Liquid Gold of Morocco. It has anti wrinkle and protective properties, regenerates and hydrates the skin. It is extracted from the Argan fruit tree in Morocco. 


 Babassu Oil pressed from Cohune palm nuts in the Amazon Forest provides the best hydration for the driest of skins.


Avocado Oil is rich in many vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, E, H, K, PP and F. Provides the skin with hydration and nourishment. Has been shown to have anti inflammatory properties.


Why should you use this product?

Dry skin should be treated in the same way as sensitive skin. The protective layer needs to be restored and AA skincare does this. Dry skin can easily become sensitive skin which is prone to allergy. If you experience dryness, itchy or red patches you should consider using the Oil Essence range.

These products have been dermatologically tested on people with different allergy conditions and have been found to be 100% effective.

The AA Cosmetic range is proficient at treating dry skin.

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