Multi - Colour Fixer - Clear Eyeliner Base 5 ml


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This is a colourless base that changes eyeshadows into coloured eyeliner. NEW!! 

It is an excellent and extremely cost-effective solution for every woman.


With this innovative product, you can create a fantastic and unique, colorful eyeliner.

Just dip the brush into your favorite shade of eyeshadow either loose or pressed.

And then apply as a normal eyeliner. Nifty because you only need this base and you can choose the eyeliner colour that you want?

The formula emphasizes and preserves the colour of your eyeshadow. It dries quickly and does not smear.

Hean Makeup Artists tip: you get to paint lines in as many colours as you want.


Multi-Colour Fixer Clear Eyeliner Base:

Isododecane, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene


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