Multi Action BB Cream 30 ml


This is a multi action BB cream with a foundation and a moisturizer. 

BB = Blemish Balm/ Beauty Balm (light coverage and is good for contouring)

What does it do?

It mattifies - so it is perfect for Summer

Controls sebum secretion - even more perfect for Oily skins.

Corrects skin imperfections.

Adjusts to your skin colour

Moisturizes and smooths - so can be used for dry skin as well.

After a while your skin will regain its glow and become flexible.

Main Aim:

It's main aim is to give your skin minimal coverage, with a dewy effect along with smoothing out any unevenness in skin tone.

Very Important Tip: because the coverage is minimal you will still need to apply a moisturizer (if you have dry skin) and possibly a concealer.


Vitamin E, collagen and lecithin to mention some of its special ingredients.

How to apply?

The best way to apply a BB Cream is with a sponge (like the Beauty Blender) and then blend it into your skin. Blend some more. And then even more! 

Why would you use it?

It is light and allows your skin to breathe during the day. 

Benefits: will make your skin look flawless (even during Summer), looks like foundation (but isn't) and will help you get a perfect complexion.

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