High Definition Makeup Fixer Spray 150 ml


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A professional product for make-up fixing. This colourless fixing facial mist spray provides
lightweight, invisible, protective film, which makes the make-up last longer and protects it from

Thanks to the fixing solution your make-up and its vibrant colours will not fade during

the day.
The effect of the fixed make-up lasts for many hours.
It can be easily washed off with make-up remover or warm water with soap.

150 ml lasts for 3-6 months if not longer.

We took tons of photos of Nafeesah at the Eid Shopping Festival please check out this short video. It really is special:


Customer Reviews

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Best fixing spray EVER!

Not to be confused with a SETTING spray (which generally melts makeup into the skin for a more natural and radiant finish), this FIXING spray does exactly what it promises. It's like hairspray for your face...in a good way :). No weird droplets of liquid messing up your look, the aerosol spray evenly disperses a fine layer of the product over your face and makes everything last SO much longer...colours look more vivid by the end of the day, foundation looks smooth and fresh. I've repurchased several times and will definitely continue to do so.

Best Kept Secret

Ì am new to the world of make up, I have never really been much for wanting to 'create' a so called 'new face', I love the natural look but for women in the corporate world, if you aren't made up, you're not really taken seriously and hence my venture into the world of make up, along with the help of the wonderful Glamore Cosmetics ladies. This product is an absolute gem I thank Gael so very much for letting me know that they do stock such an item, as after one day of sitting driving around doing errands for the boss, I felt as though my face was 'melting'! My goodness did I feel that I looked silly, I inquired with Gael and as always she didn't lead me astray, thus far in the heatwave we have been having up in Johannesburg, this product has been a blessing, thank you, I thank you ladies for amazing products, no fix ups, no re applying or anything as such with this amazing product. I shall be back for this gem

HD Spray

I have not touched up my make up today and im wearing the HD Spray!
Love the product!

Precious gem spray!

I've only used this spray a few times and already i can tell you i will definitely repurchase. It feels a fresh flawless finish with almost no touch ups needed!

A definite FIXER

I love the High Definition Makeup Fixer Spray...it's a great product to "Fix" your make-up for the day!

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