Hean Maxxi Flex Mascara 10 ml

The effect… flexible lashes and zero clumping. Thickens and adds volume to the max.

MAXXI LASH FLEXI strengthens and restructures the lashes.

Active ingredients:

Wheat protein, to nourish and strengthen the lashes, protecting them against unbeneficial environmental impact and excess dryness.

Hydrolysed keratin strengthens the lashes and has a powerful regenerating action.

D-pantenol nourishes, moisturizes and stimulates cell growth. With its moisture-retaining capability, it combats dryness and breaking.

Canauba wax nourishes and gives a sheen to the lashes.

The silicone modelling brush gives ideal application, dividing and lifting the lashes to perfection. A non-flake, non-smudge mascara.


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