High Definition Eye Mix Camouflaging Concealer

Who can use this? And why should you?

Do you suffer from dark circles (fatigue) under your eyes, redness or discoloration? Then this is a product you need in your life! Dark circles can be genetic or from lack of sleep or due to our hectic lifestyle: just plain old stress!

Is recommended for everyday use as well as for makeup artists.

Has a thermal effect meaning it warms up on your hand. So as you apply it, it becomes softer and easier to spread onto your skin. 

Remember to apply under foundation.

Has 3 different shades thus 3 different effects (always apply the white last).

Nude = lightens, brightens and highlights

Pink = conceals dark circles under the eyes 

Purple = conceals discoloration/ neutralises yellow undertones


For a brilliant review on this magical product click here: High Definition Camouflage Hean Trio


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