CC Cream with Japanese Cherry Extract 30 ml


COLOUR CONTROL = CC Cream = moisturizer + foundation + sunscreen

EFFECT::velvety smooth skin and radiant colour

A natural makeup effect with no streaks. With micro-spheres and nylon formula, this foundation adjusts perfectly almost like a 'second skin' effect.

It provides medium coverage and can to a certain extent be mattifying. 

Enriched with Japanese Cherry Extract, milk and honey extract and Vitamin E it moisturizes and smooths the skin making it supple and just wonderful!

Why you want to use this?

Because it is lighter than a normal foundation it is Perfect for Summer.

Special ingredients: UVA/ UVB filters so offers some protection in the sun

Want to know more? Check out this review it is worth the time to read. 

 Benefits: corrects skin tones with dark spots, redness and uneven skin colour.

Makeup Tip: are you going to the gym? This CC Cream is perfect for you! Lightly dab all over your face even on your eyelids, rub in quickly. Mascara check! Lip Gloss check! And you are ready for a hectic workout.

Perfect for All Skin Types. 

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