AA Skin Boost Day&Night Cream With Q10 - 50 ml


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AA Skin Boost Day and night cream with co-enzyme Q10, is recommended for daily care for smoothing and delaying the aging process. It restores smoothness and firmness to the skin and makes the first wrinkle less visible.

Recommendation: for people with the first signs of aging, who want to restore its firmness and flexibility.

Effect of active ingredients:

  • E-system with co-enzyme Q10 being a natural building material, stimulates the growth and regeneration of cells and slows down the aging process. It inhibits the degradation of hyaluronic acid in the skin and counteracts the collagen breakdown under the influence of UV radiation.
  • Vitamin E, thanks to its antioxidant properties, protects the skin against the adverse effects of external factors.
  • Contained in the cream collagen improves skin firmness. As a result, it regains flexibility, is soft and smooth to the touch.

Dermatologically tested with people with allergic skin diseases. With a hypoglycemic fragrance composition. It does not contain dyes. It does not contain parabens. pH neutral for the skin.






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Soft, Smooth and Incredible

AA Cosmetics products are absolutely amazing. From the very first day my skin has felt soft, smooth and it feels absolutely incredible. I have never been disappointed in the wonderful products the Glamore ladies import for us with sensitive skin. My skin has never been happier, these products are the best for anyone with sensitive skin

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