AA Sensitive Nature Range Active Moisturizing Night Cream 20+

GORGEOUS packaging right?

From AA Cosmetics comes the Sensitive Nature range for ALL skin types. So even if you don't have sensitive skin you can still use this range. And if you do have sensitive skin either prone to allergy or that reacts to seasonal and/or environmental changes this range is perfect for you! It is safe and you will not have an allergic reaction.

Why you should use it? What does 20+ mean exactly?

Every day no matter how young you are, your skin is affected by environmental factors which will ultimately cause dehydration. By using skincare products from AA Cosmetics you are protecting your skin from these environmental factors helping you age better and staying young looking forever (or it will feel like that).

You are never to young to start looking after your skin AND with AA Sensitive Nature Moisturising 20+ you can be confident that the ingredients and benefits are for you at this age of your life. And as you grow older AA Cosmetics will grow with you.


Cornflower water:  Contains Vitamin C which improves skin firmness and brightens the skin

Shea butter: which improves skin vitality.

Vitamin E: delays aging by protecting it against the effects of free radicals

Pumpkin Seeds Extract: enhances skin regeneration and soothes irritations

 Does not contain: allergens, parabens, synthetic color additives, minerals, silicone. It is Fragrance free.

How to apply?

This is a night cream so you can apply it after using the Face Wash from the Sensitive Nature range.



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