AA Sensitive Nature Anti Wrinkle Strengthening Night Cream 50+

The Sensitive Nature range is for ALL skin types. Even if you don't have sensitive skin you can still use this product. However, if you do have sensitive skin it means you won't get an allergic reaction. Sensitive skin means your skin reacts quickly to seasonal and environmental changes and you need to watch what products you use.

What does 50+ mean?

At a certain age it becomes even more important to take care of ones skin. This product from AA Cosmetics has specific ingredients for you (such as Argan oil). If you are 50+ it is designed in that way meaning that these ingredients are there for you to take the best possible care of your skin.

Essentially is gives you confidence in the knowledge that the ingredients in these skincare products are for your skin at your age.

What does it contain?

Certified organic Argan Oil which has been shown to reduce wrinkles and improves the hydrolipid layer/ barrier of the skin.

Shea butter: improves skin vitality.

Vitamin E: delays aging by protecting it against the effects of free radicals

Jojobi Oil: nourishes the skin

Sunflower seed oil: Improves skin elasticity 

How to apply?

This is the anti wrinkle strengthening night cream so apply at night. It is extremely nourishing and absorbs easily leaving no oiliness. 


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