AA Oil Infusion2 50+ Day Cream 50 ml Lifting & Reduction Of Wrinkles


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AA Oil Infusion2 50+ is a powerful anti-wrinkle care program, based on the rejuvenating effect of precious Inca Inchi and Argan oils, as well as Collagen+ complex.

Luxury oils are highly bio-compatible with the skin, complementing deficiencies whilst stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen.

As a result, the skin around the eyes undergoes a real metamorphosis; the wrinkles are smoothed out, giving a clear improvement in elasticity and hydration.


1) A light weight cream that is easily absorbed by the skin

2) Pleasant fragrance

3) Skin becomes more supple

4) And more hydrated


Inca Inchi oil pressed from the Inca Inchi plant nuts growing in extreme conditions of the Peruvian jungle sometimes known as the 'Gold of the Incas'. It has the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids (up to 98%), regenerates, firms and hydrates the skin, supports cell renewal processes and collagen production.

Argan oil extracted from the Moroccan argan tree fruit is often called the "Liquid Gold of Morocco". It has anti-wrinkle properties, regenerates and hydrates the skin. 

Most importantly: the double infusion system allows deeper penetration of the product into your skin making it work better and more efficiently.



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