AA Hydro Algae BLUE Nourishing Cream 50 ml

AA HYDRO ALGAE blue – is a line of intensive moisturizing cosmetics that uses the unique properties of blue algae.

Blue Algae phormidium persicinumdelays the aging process and regenerates damaged skin cells.


Rosehip extract is rich in Vitamin C, while acting as an antioxidant it prevents the loss of skin’s suppleness and smoothness. It keeps the skin firm and young.

Azelaic acid regulates serum secretion.

Actions: Effectively penetrates the layers of the epidermis, providing immediate and in-depth hydration. AND creates a barrier layer on the surface of the skin, long-term protecting against excessive moisture loss

Our cream for combination and normal skin leaves the skin deeply moisturised and perfectly nourished. It becomes soft, velvety smooth, and full of vitality. The extra light formula guarantees quick absorption of the cream.

The AA Cosmetics brand can be trusted as it stands out due to their exceptional skin safety practises and technological advancement. 


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