AA Hydro Algae Blue cleansing face wash for all skin types 150 ml


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AA HYDRO ALGAE blue is a line of intensively moisturizing cosmetics that utilises the unique properties of blue algae.

Blue algae = phormidium persicinum = is rich in substances that delay skin aging AND regenerates damaged cells

This face wash will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and well hydrated and will last for at least 3 months. 

It also has a lovely fresh fragrance and is for ALL skin types. 

AA Cosmetics are SAFE for everyone which essentially means the following:

1) all the cosmetics are 100% tested on people with sensitive skin as well as people who have skin prone to allergies

2) AA Cosmetics work very closely with dermatologists and allergy specialists

3) Their ingredients are certified and carefully selected

4) AA Cosmetics makes use of the latest technologies and advancements in cosmetology and dermatology.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
An Absolute Win!!!

I had started using this face wash cz my skin lacked so much in hydration, it just looked to tight and unhealthy. Despite me having combination to oily skin this has been my saving grace skincare product, not only because it kept my breakouts at bay but also because it restored my skin's natural moisture without making my skin too oily. My skin now looks so healthy and so glowy. And I've gotten both my sisters onto this amazing and effective product. We absolutely love it!!!

Feeling Fresh

My skin has a terrible habit of breaking out when I decide to use a new face wash product and within the 4 days since I started using this face wash, my skin has cleared up as quickly as the spots came. My skin feels refreshed and clean after using it and happy, so far it's an awesome product and I am so happy

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