AA Beauty Primer 360 - redness reducing - anti redness


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Introducing a new range of makeup primers, strongly enriched with nourishing and protective substances. It has an Innovative protective system with anti-stress effects that protects the skin against external factors and prevents overreaction to further makeup.  Skin type: dilated capillaries - sensitive - all ages - 30 ml WITH THE FOCUS ON SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: Green pigments immediately reduce redness. It shrinks dilated capillaries and ensures a long-lasting skin care effect. It contains the Skin de-stress complex – which seals the protective layer of the skin, protecting it against irritation caused by makeup. Centella asiatica extract and Anti-Redness complex shrink and seal the walls of capillaries, reduce skin redness and soothe irritations.
Combination of active moisturizing ingredients protects the skin against dryness, leaving it velvety smooth and soft.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply the makeup primer onto your face every day in the morning, after cleansing your skin and applying the cream. The makeup base can also be used on its own (without makeup foundation), making the skin exceptionally smooth.

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