Hean Creamy Mat Effect Foundation


 Matt effect Foundation was used with the Skin and Eye Mix Concealers to get excellent coverage. Model: Emma, Makeup Artist: Nafeesah K, Videographer: Tarryn Ash


1) It is a subtle, 2-in-1 matte product, combining the benefits of foundation and face cream. 

2) The foundation masks small imperfections, leaving the skin smooth, shine-free and fresh throughout the day. 

3) The bio-active ingredients used in the formula, vitamin E, aloe and allantoin, nurture and nourish the skin. 

4) Offers some protection from the sun with UVA and UVB filters.

Here at Glamore Cosmetics we can match your foundation. We have a huge success rate and am 100% confident that we can do this! All you need to do is send us a photo of yourself without makeup and....tell us what foundation you are currently using. Use the email address: gael@glamorecosmetics.co.za

Here is some of our successes:




Customer Reviews

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Reliable with wonderful results

I want to thank Gael for the good advice on what I should get according to my requests as to what I wanted out of the product. I was very excited when the product was exactly what I'd expected, and matched my skin tone perfectly, something that's hard to come by. It has a light weight feeling, but still good coverage, and lasts as long as my day does. Definitely a worth while product and company.

Hook, line and sinker

So I consider myself to be a snob with regard to what I put on my skin and I am not fond of trying a new product once I have found something that I like. Well needless to say, I am beyond glad that I took the chance and tried the Hean products. My skin loves the products, it feels nourished and cared for. Apart from that, the prices of these products fall exactly into my budget for makeup and all things nice - who said quality had to be expensive!! I trust Gael and her team with the biggest organ I own - my skin and with Gaels' experience as a PhD in biochemistry, I know I am in good hands.

Come on girls, take the chance!! I promise you will not regret it.

P.s The primer......oh my gosh...the primer......

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