Glitter Me Crazy 24 shades!


A 24 piece Glitter eyeshadow palette consisting of 24 pigmented Glitters. These are pressed Glitters and really easy to apply.

These shadows are cruelty free and hypoallergenic. We have tested these eyeshadows on Emma who is ultra sensitive and she literally wore them the whole entire day :)

Here are some looks Sharfaa created for us:

 And to see more watch this really lovely video from Beauty Influencer Sharfaa:

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Customer Reviews

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Glitter Me Crazy Palette :)

This is THE NICEST Glitter palette I have EVER received! :D

-The shades are absolutely gorgeous!!! & The glitter shifts are super pretty and give you a variety of options for looks!
-They do NOT feel like those cheapie ones you get that are full of vaseline or wax. Just lovely pressed glitter :)
-They apply easily with fingers or a brush.
-They do not smell weird.
-Stunning packaging as well!

Overall, LOVE this palette and would definitely recommend this for someone who love to sparkle! :)

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