Birthday Free Shipping

And here we are on Day 3 of Emma's Birthday week - hope I haven't lost anyone along the way?

As mentioned in my newsletter from yesterday when Emma was 2 years old I had another baby girl and we named her Tarryn Ashley. Oh goodness she was the best baby and the best 2 year old and then suddenly she was vrek naughty!! If I ever got a phone call from the Principals office - guaranteed it was TARRYN in trouble - 100% guaranteed.

And when they were little my girls were close - played together and bathed together so this post is about them because when Em was little it was always with Tarryn.

Here are some of the pictures that I took when they were little. Do you have stories you'd like to share? Please send them to me.

Matching pajamas's yes?

Batman and the Princess (sorry for being out of focus here)

Real friends!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday and seriously I hope you manage to share this week with us.

Love Always