April Skin Savers

All our NEW skin goodies have just arrived in time for the change of season and we are so excited!! 

All our top sellers are back (products with Vitamin C and also the famous Face Wash) PLUS we have some really fun and interesting new goodness - please have a look and let me know if you have any questions.

I am always and forever asking the kids: have you washed your face? Have you put on cream? Now I have to add another question: have you used a MASK? Our new masks look awesome and I will be going into the different uses of carbon, red, white and green clay - but you guys need to try them and let us know your thoughts!

Last night Em came home and within 5 minutes boxes were opened and she was in the bathroom using a mask - after washing her face with the new Face Wash.

Here is a list of what she used:

  • Rose Miceller Water
  • The Carbon & Clay Illuminating Mask
  • Colour Detox Face Wash
  • Q10 Serum
  • Hydro Sorbet Cream for Combination Skin

And this is what she said:

And today she went to UCT without makeup - honestly I can't remember when she last did this!!!! And if you know Emma - you'd know that it had to be she was confident in her own skin.