A Gold Dream - good or bad?

December 11, 2017

I don't think many of us talk openly about our dreams - I know I don't often remember them but when I do remember them sometimes they tend to linger like the one I had 2 weeks ago!

It was the most stunning path made up of tiny gold coins over each other. It looked really old and sparkly. I was on this path and up ahead of me was a huge gold tree with gold leaves and faces. The faces were hidden among the branches and the leaves and i desperately wanted to see who they were. The closer I got to the tree the further it got from me. And then I woke up drenched in water and breathing like I had run a marathon (which will only happen in my dreams) and 2 weeks later I can still remember it.

This picture doesn't quite show what it was like let me look for another one more detailed:

Yes something like I could see there were faces but I could not actually see who they were if that makes sense. So because the dream was lingering with me I told my friend all about it. And she was like Gael let me 'analyse' it for you and for once I was okay let's hear it! And this is what she told me:

The tree is your Xmas tree - ooooooh that sounds good right!!!!  (I mean obviously!!!!) And the faces are people from your past that have given you good memories. 

And the gold? Well the gold can be good and it can be bad. The good could represent an opportunity for you to become wealthy - yippieeeee someone stop the clock!!!! And then I realized that she had said good or then I wanted to know the bad! Well the bad is that you have already missed an opportunity to get rich.....damn, bugger sounds possible right?

Anyways I was chuffed with the tree part and being surrounded by my family or friends celebrating good memories :) and I even gave myself a gift!.I think I deserved it...from the Golden Ceramides range I treated myself to the serum and the mask!

This was my card to myself:


And for you guys reading this blog post I share my gift with you as well. You can now stop dreaming about beautiful young skin - you can now get it.

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Have a golden day everyone.


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