How to Choose the Best Nude Lipstick for your Skin Tone

March 02, 2017

How to Choose the Best Nude Lipstick for your Skin Tone

There are so many different shades of nude lipstick that it can be overwhelming to choose a shade you like, let a alone a shade that actually suits your skin tone.


For those with fair or light skin, the best nude would be the nude that shares the same undertones as your natural lip colour. Pink undertones to your lips? A rosy, pale nude would be best. Neutral or slightly yellow undertones to your lips? Try a light beige or taupe-y nude. 



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Nude lipsticks with golden undertones enhance olive skin tones. The nude lip should not be lighter than your actual skin tone because that will make you look washed out. Also, avoid nude lipsticks with yellow undertones! Yellow competes with olive skin and is an unflattering tone on the lips. Go for a peachy nude instead!


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When selecting a nude lipstick for darker skin tones, remember; the lipstick will not look nude in the tube! Go for a lipstick that has brown undertones. Lipsticks that have caramel or toffee undertones will also be nude on darker skins. Metallic lipsticks or high shine lipglosses provide dimension to the lips. You can also line and fill your lips in with a brown (or any other darker shade) lip liner that will even out the colour of your lips before you apply lipstick. You can DIY your perfect nude by changing the lipliner shade used under lipstick.


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