Shopping for a lipstick is a cure for everything!

October 05, 2015 1 Comment

Up first and foremost: THANK YOU to each and everyone who clicks on my emails and comes to read my blog posts. I can't tell you how much it means to me.....okay I can A LOT!!!

Onto all things makeup and we are focusing on the infamous LIPSTICK.

Firstly there is a definitely a right way to apply lipstick which will make it last longer, stay looking fresh and not dry out your lips (follow these steps):

 1) When applying your foundation go over your lips at the same time and blend the colors into your skin. This is called priming and helps to bring out the natural color of the lipstick. Use the same color as the one you use on your face and make sure to blend it in with a makeup sponge. Smile while doing this to fill in the cracks.

2) Choose a lip liner with care as this is a very important step. How many of you use a lip liner? The lip liner is used to give the lipstick something to grip onto and helps it last longer. BOLD lipstick = match the lip liner to the lipstick. NEUTRAL/ NUDE lipstick = match the lip liner to your lips.

3) Use the skin mix concealer to clean the edges before applying lipstick.

 4) Fill in with the lip liner making sure to cover all the cracks.

5) Again the skin mix concealer is useful to tidy up around the lips.Choose a concealer that matches your skin then outline your lips with it. Blend it outward into your foundation. It will give your lips a nice crisp outline and prevents the lipstick from smearing.

6) Now for the lipstick (finally right) If you're dark skinned choose a shade that contrasts with your skin. If you're pale skinned choose a lighter pink or a neutral shade. For medium complexion something plum or cinnamon should look lovely. Start from the center of your lips and brush the lipstick moving outwards filling in all the gaps. Blot the lipstick with a piece of tissue paper and then follow up with a 2nd coat.


1) They don't contain powdery fish scales!

2) They don't get their color from crushed beetles!

3) Hean has both Matte and Shiny lipsticks. They are long lasting and hydrating and never leave your lips dry or sticky.

4) They won't make your teeth look yellow!

 Would you consider a lipstick a secret weapon? A smaller indulgence?

Take a look at this table and see what your lipstick shade says about you:

 Shade of lipstick                                                              Meaning

Nude                                                                                 Intelligence
           Red                                                                                   Power/ confidence
Fuchsia Pink                                                                     Fun Loving
Berry                                                                                 Fashionista
Baby Pink                                                                         Pick me up
           Violet                                                                                 Quirky Personality
                   Coral                                                                                 Summery and Lightness
Orange                                                                              Bold & brave
                         Brown                                                                               Professional/ Down to earth
   Lipgloss                                                                             Need to sparkle


Finally we are here at the end!


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 Four products to get your lipstick lasting 'forever'!!!

Have a fabulous day.

Stay special


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October 05, 2015

I would DEFINITELY consider lipstick a secret weapon. Whenever I want to feel sexy, powerful or confident, I know which lipsticks would give me just that. My little secret – The world will never know how weak/unsure I really felt before applying my little weapon. ;)

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