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February 10, 2015

This is Judge Sam:

Sam has very kindly put together some tips to ensure water marble success.

  1. Before you start, uncap all the nail polishes you will be using in your design. This will save you time and allow you to move quickly so that your polish does not dry before you drop in the next drop into the bulls-eye.
  2. Use liquid latex or even wood glue to cover the skin around your nail so when you clean your nails, you pull the glue and polish off in one go.
  3. It's very important to use the correct nail polishes. If you don't, you won't achieve a nice bulls-eye. Try different polishes and brands in order to find what works for you. Omega polishes work great! They spread amazingly and don't dry too quickly. Beginners, should use polishes that don't dry quickly so that you have more time to drag your design into the polish.
  4. Water at ROOM temperature is VERY important! You can use tap/distilled/filtered water. Sam uses tap water and has success EVERY time!
  5. If your first drop does not spread, tap the sides of the cup/glass.
  6. Hold your brush as close to the water as possible so that the nail polish does not sink to the bottom.
  7. Do not let the first drop dry. If it dries, the second drop won't spread. 
  8. Work in a room with very little air circulation (no air conditioners or heaters allowed!)
  9. Start with three drops of the first colour so that you have a thick outside rim. 
  10. Once your bulls-eye is complete, drag your design into the polish. By then, the first three rings will probably be dry so start at the FOURTH ring. If you drag through the dry polish, it will ruin your design and you'll have to start over :(
  11. When dipping your finger into the design, do not PLUNGE it in. Rather dip your finger in as slowly and as gently as possible into the design you want on your nail in order to avoid air bubbles.
  12. While your finger is still under water, use a q-tip or tooth pick to remove the rest of the nail polish around your finger. 

Finally here are some links that will help you:


Also, if you were thinking of doing NEEDLE MARBLE, here are some videos for you:

Tip: Work fast and use slow drying polish to achieve the best results!

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