Tips from the judges for the nail art competition.

February 02, 2015

Here are some tips from our judges for our nail art competition:

  • ​Picture quality and lighting of the picture. The nail art must be clear.
  • The nail art must be done on your own hands as this shows talent and skill. (Showing both hands is more striking than showing just one)
  • Be creative with the theme, however your theme interpretation must make sense.
  • Try come up with original designs/ideas. Or put your own twist on someone else's design. Ty stamp a personal touch on it.
  • Try to use the theme on as many nails as possible.
  • Free hand art and not stamping shows more technique
  • The colours must look good together- "matching"
  • Do not overdress the picture. Rather keep the background simple if your mani has a lot going on.
  • Keep your cuticles healthy.
  • Clean, neat work makes a huge difference.
  • ​The theme must be the main focus on your mani
  • A good photograph of your mani is very important.
  • In your photograph, your nails must be facing the camera in good light.
  • Bold and complementary colours that highlight your nail art are very effective.
  • Cleanup your cuticles and fingers.
  • Moisturize your cuticles before taking a picture.
  • Neat and well executed manicures and well lit photographs.
  • ​​Well-lit and good quality photograph.
  • An attempt at neatness and cleanup.
  • Creative interpretation of the theme.
  • Nail art technique and how much nail art was done.
  • An attention-grabbing manicure (use of colours)
  • Have fun and go with your gut!


Remember our theme for this week  is Valentines Day. So show us your best mani's keeping in mind the tips above and the theme, happy painting and creating ladies.!

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