Moms are just Favorites that's why!

May 05, 2016

Moms are just Favorites that's why!

In starting this Favorite post to honor my moms I asked a few moms if they would be willing to be added to my Newsletter and was amazed when everyone said YES!!! So to make it more effective I decided to do a proper blog post because moms deserve that....right?

I asked 8 Moms what their Favorite thing in the world is:

First up we have my Wenchy (also know as my purple friend also our Brand Ambassador) and if you ever decide to read a blog post written by Wenchy have tissues ready! Her writing reaches into my soul into the very essence of me....and I just cry!

Wenchy said her favorite thing was Rain on a Tin Roof! If you feel like reading her work in fact read can find it here:

Next up is Gail someone who I honestly have the most admiration for. Gail is the most loyal of friends and incredibly passionate about Hean and AA Cosmetics!

Gail's favorite thing is a HUG! Needless to say I send them as often as I can!!

Meet Tina everyone!! Tina has the most incredibly beautiful little girls....they are just the cutest poppets in the World:

Tina's favorite thing is PINK anything in PINK!

Meet Mbalentle Mbalz! She won our most recent Twitter competition and sent us some really pretty pictures:

Her favorite thing is of course her baby girl.

And next on my favourite moms list is the very beautiful Sari. I have known Sari for a really long time (our kids grew up together) and I was so happy when she visited the other day and shopped....#bestfeeling

Sari said her favorite thing....was her husband

Right three guys still with me?

The next mom is one of our bloggers. She is brilliant and we love her. She takes the most beautiful photos and has the sweetest little girl called Moo. Meet Mother City Mom:


Yes here she is wearing the Hean CC cream and Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick in Mystic Rose. Her favourite thing(s) are the sea, coffee and makeup!

I have to mention the young and gorgeous lady Nafeeshka who is the best makeup artist in the world....have you seen her work? Oh goodness I lose my breath its that good!!!

Nafeeshka loves Hean (yay us) and her favorite things are makeup and shopping (and her little kiddie).

Finally last but definitely not least is someone who is an absolute favorite 'favorite'. The editor of Woman just lovely, warm and so 'real'. Say hello to Sarene!!!

Sarene's favorite things are lipstick and mascara (Hean of course)!

Anyone else have a favorite thing? Leave a comment. What did you think of my moms?

Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you!



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