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Meet the Glamore Cosmetics Team 

At Glamore Cosmetics we pride ourselves on being MORE than just the product. For us our customers are everything and so is our service. We offer 24 hour service and will do everything we can to help you. Need a foundation that will match your skin....email us, call us we will help you!

Meet Gael Baines. Founder and owner of Glamore Cosmetics. Gael has a PhD from the University of Cape Town (Dr Gael Fenhalls) if you have a question about ingredients this is your person to ask. To learn more about Gael click here.

Our products are for all skin types and in saying this we cater for hypoallergenic skin including sensitive skin. 

Meet Emma Baines! Emma has very sensitive skin which is why Hean and Oceanic products are her 'go to items' every day! Emma can now wear makeup whereas previously her eyes burned or her skin itched and she was 'red and puffy'. To learn more about Emma's favourite things in life click here.

What do the experts say about HEAN makeup and OCEANIC cosmetics? This is a really good question and to answer it we have a makeup artist as part of our team. 

Meet Nafeesah K! Nafeesah is from Cape Town and has been doing professional makeup for 6 years now. Nafeesah told me she LOVED our brands and thought they were fantastic.....actually she said 'this stuff is better than anything she has ever used'. To see more about Nafeesah click here.

 So......let me introduce you to a makeover on Emma done by Nafeesah. All these products are available from our store and can be used on any skin type.


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